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Preventative Maintenance

The following are generic “Services Performed” and will be tailored to fit your building's HVAC system.


1. Report to owner or owner’s representative when entering or leaving premises
2. Notify owner of any services or materials required to maintain system in proper operating condition
3. Maintain cleanliness of equipment rooms/rooftops
4. Check for any unusual noise or vibration
5. Check for general operation and overall condition of equipment

Heating Systems
1. Check combustion and/or main burners
2. Check and clean pilot burner
3. Check flue and/or draft diverter
4. Check for gas leaks
5. Check temperature controllers
6. Check all safety controls
7. Clean for evidence of loose or corroded wiring connections
8. Check for evidence of worn or damaged heat exchangers

Cooling Systems

1. Check operation of controls
2. Check temperature controllers
3. Check voltage to compressor
4. Check amperage of compressor
5. Check for evidence of refrigerant leaks
6. Inspect condition of condenser and evaporator coils.
7. Check and clean all electrical connections
8. Check and clear all condensate drains

Air Handling Units

1. Clean or replace filters per contract
2. Check and clean filter cabinet
3. Check and clear condensate pans
4. Lubricate all bearings and motors
5. Adjust fan belt tension and report any deficiencies

Hot Water Boilers

1. Check burner ignition and pilot assembly
2. Check water make-up
3. Check low water safety
4. Check make-up water strainer at PRV
5. Check flue
6. Check operations of all controls

Cooling Towers

1. Lubricate all bearings and motors
2. Check and clean strainers
3. Drain holding tank and check condition of water
4. Check bleed rate
5. Water treatment per contract

Chilled Water Systems

1. Check all functions of compressor(s)
2. Check for refrigerant leaks
3. Check and clean all strainers
4. Check operation of all controls
5. Check all wiring connections

Refrigeration Units

1. Check operation of all controls
2. Check for refrigerant leaks
3. Check condenser coils
4. Check operation of all safeties
5. Check all wiring connections
6. Check and clear condensate drains